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Joyce Barnett

Great old school dentist! They have an $85 special for new customers which includes xrays, cleaning, and office visit. If youve bumped into the "new school" dentists who refuse to do a cleaning without demanding an upcharge for scaling, go to Dr. VB and youll get a very thorough cleaning by his hygenists and then a review of any other dental work needed. This guy is an honest dentist and although dental work isnt the highlight of anyone's day, i definitely like going here because they are friendly, honest, and very good. If you go, tell them i referred you and we both get $30 off our next visit!---I went to a gentle dentist who tried to upsell me to scaling saying i had level 5 deposits. This was odd as i went to another dentist 7 months before who said i had level 3 and i went ahead and let them work on me. So when this new dentist (which my junky HMO had on their plan. Prior one wasn't anymore.) said that my teeth were suddenly WORSE, i finally went to my boyfriend's dentist, Dr. VB, and i asked them about scaling and gum disease. Both the hygenist and the dentist said i had ZERO!!!!!! ---Also lots of bilingual employees. 
- Yelp Revew

Everything about and everyone within Dr. VanBuskirk's practice is outstanding. The entire staff is genuinely friendly, highly attentive, and wonderfully professional. I wish I needed more dental work because I Love coming Here! :)
- Steve Fuller

I love this office! I've been a patient of Dr. Vanbuskirk since the 1980's and not once have I ever had an unpleasent experience. Personel has changed during the years, but the courtesy, politeness, and professionalism from the staff has always continued to be the same. I was always terrified of dentists until my very first visit here. Our kids all grew up getting dental care at this office and still do today. We feel extremely confident with Dr. V's diagnosis and treatments. We appreciate very much the personal care he gives us along with his office staff.
 - Maritza Guerra

Although most of us do not like going to the dentist, it is always a pleasant experience when I go to Dr. Van Buskirk's ofice. The staff is very friendly and professional and I consider them all friends. I was very happy to see that the office has upgraded its technology (Facebook, Google+, emails, etc..) making it much easier to communicate!
 - Sandra Barrera

Liz was great as usual, felt right at home
- Jack Vega

Elizabeth has always done a wonderful job for me and my family. My "Gentle Torcherer".
- Jacob

I have had a few different dentists over the years. This practice is my favorite.
- Kevin Cook

I have so much confidence in Dr Van and enjoy all the pleasant staff that I drive 45 minutes, one way, for my dental visits. Our family has been with him for 20 plus years and will continue until he retires--don't go yet Dr Van :)
- Gloria Marcey

Today was my first visit to Dr. Van Buskirk's office. All I can say is that the experience was fabulous. The staff was beyond helpful and friendly. The state of the art dental facility was absolutely impressive. Dr. Van Buskirk performed the most thorough dental exam I have ever had in my entire life! He explained everything in full detail and took his time answering my questions and concerns. Very professional and personable. In spite of the fact dental visits are not a favorite of many, I can truly say that this facility and staff will make you feel comfortable and at ease.
- M. Paredes

Today was my first visit to Dr. Van Buskirk 's office. I was extremely Impressed with the thorough and honest consultation as well as the professional, yet friendly treatment I received from the staff. I did not expect to be given so much time or such attentiveness to my concerns. I am beyond pleased; I am extremely confident this is the dentist and office for me!
- Susan Gonzalez

I am extremely happy with the decision I made in selecting this office for my sons dental needs. Staff was very helpful and gave us the attention we needed. They happily answered all questions and explained in depth the treatment plan. Prices are great and the flexible payment option is making this treatment for our son possible. As a mother of 4 Io feel confident that my family is under the best care with excellent specialists and the most professional team! Thank you for the comfort and confidence during this important dental procedure for our son!
- Mariela Bon Delgado

• BEST dental clinic I've been too. Very neat and clean, friendly staff, Dentist was great and approachable... Best part is that my Dentist did an extra work but didn't charge me... And oh, this clinic is just different from the rest, you will not feel that you are in a dental clinic, you will feel that you are in a small hotel room... Also, the tools and equipments are new and updated... I strongly recommend this dental clinic!!!
- Glence