From routine check – ups to extensive cosmetic treatment and everything in between, our office provides almost every service our patients could require.

Intra oral cameras

– So you can see what we see inside your mouth.


– A conservative way to reshape and permanently whiten your smile

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures – Including veneers, tooth whitening, porcelain crowns, and laser gum recontouring.

Computer workstations in the treatment rooms

– So that all information is quickly available.

Digital X – ray

- Allows us to take x – rays at 90% LESS radiation to the patient.

3D Dental CAT Scans

– Lets us see the total landscape of a patient's head and neck to help simplify complicated treatments.

Multimedia patient education

– Allows you to be well informed about your treatment directly from the dental chair. Want to be even better informed? We'll e –mail the presentations to you and let you watch it at home!

Digital cavity detection

– Allows us to find cavities when they are small and easy to fix.

We also offer high tech amenities for your enjoyment including:
  • Cable TVs in each treatment room, so you can see something besides the ceiling
  • DVD Players built into the overhead video system. Bring your favourite movie!
  • Internet Access from all treatment rooms. In the unlikely event you have to wait on us, surf the net and relax.

We offer up to 12 Month interest Free!

Financing is available for those who qualify.

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The most trusted South Florida dentist for the past 36 years

White Brighter Smile Bleaching
Regular $350, Today $199

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The most trusted South Florida dentist for the past 36 years

Makeover Smile. Complimentary Consultation
Regular $150 / TODAY FREE

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The most trusted South Florida dentist for the past 36 years

Complete Exam/Full Set of X-rays,
regular dental cleaning
Regular $277, Today $85

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The most trusted South Florida dentist for the past 36 years

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  • I love this office! I've been a patient of Dr. Vanbuskirk since the 1980's and not once have I ever had an unpleasent experience. Personel has changed during the years, but the courtesy, politeness, and professionalism from the staff has always continued to be the same. I was always terrified of dentists until my very first visit here. Our kids all grew up getting dental care at this office and still do today. We feel extremely confident with Dr. V's diagnosis and treatments. We appreciate very much the personal care he gives us along with his office staff.

    Maritza Guerra

  • Although most of us do not like going to the dentist, it is always a pleasant experience when I go to Dr. Van Buskirk's ofice. The staff is very friendly and professional and I consider them all friends. I was very happy to see that the office has upgraded its technology (Facebook, Google+, emails, etc..) making it much easier to communicate!

    Sandra Barrera

  • Liz was great as usual, felt right at home

    Jack Vega

  • Elizabeth has always done a wonderful job for me and my family. My "Gentle Torcherer".


  • I have had a few different dentists over the years. This practice is my favorite.

    Kevin Cook

  • I have so much confidence in Dr Van and enjoy all the pleasant staff that I drive 45 minutes, one way, for my dental visits. Our family has been with him for 20 plus years and will continue until he retires--don't go yet Dr Van :)

    Gloria Marcey

  • Today was my first visit to Dr. Van Buskirk's office. All I can say is that the experience was fabulous. The staff was beyond helpful and friendly. The state of the art dental facility was absolutely impressive. Dr. Van Buskirk performed the most thorough dental exam I have ever had in my entire life! He explained everything in full detail and took his time answering my questions and concerns. Very professional and personable. In spite of the fact dental visits are not a favorite of many, I can truly say that this facility and staff will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

    M. Paredes

  • Today was my first visit to Dr. Van Buskirk 's office. I was extremely Impressed with the thorough and honest consultation as well as the professional, yet friendly treatment I received from the staff. I did not expect to be given so much time or such attentiveness to my concerns. I am beyond pleased; I am extremely confident this is the dentist and office for me!

    Susan Gonzalez

  • I am extremely happy with the decision I made in selecting this office for my sons dental needs. Staff was very helpful and gave us the attention we needed. They happily answered all questions and explained in depth the treatment plan. Prices are great and the flexible payment option is making this treatment for our son possible. As a mother of 4 Io feel confident that my family is under the best care with excellent specialists and the most professional team! Thank you for the comfort and confidence during this important dental procedure for our son!

    Mariela Bon Delgado

  • BEST dental clinic I've been too. Very neat and clean, friendly staff, Dentist was great and approachable... Best part is that my Dentist did an extra work but didn't charge me... And oh, this clinic is just different from the rest, you will not feel that you are in a dental clinic, you will feel that you are in a small hotel room... Also, the tools and equipments are new and updated... I strongly recommend this dental clinic!!!


  • Everything about and everyone within Dr. VanBuskirk's practice is outstanding. The entire staff is genuinely friendly, highly attentive, and wonderfully l professional. I wish I needed more dental work because I Love coming Here! :)

    Steve Fuller

Dental Information Center

If you are looking for a caring dental office, you don't need to look any further.Dr.VanBuskirk is highly proficient in all forms of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. With a highly trained staff Dr. Van Buskirk and his team can provide smile enhancement services including teeth whitening, dentals implants, and porcelain veneers to give you the smile you have always wanted

Dental Waterlines

Have you heard about biofilm? Our dental office monitors it daily. Possibly you'll catch something on TV about biofilm as some sort of newly discovered health threat. It's neither, really. Here are the facts: Most of our equipment is connected to long, flexible tubes that deliver water to your mouth. We call these tubes dental waterlines. Every day, fresh water rushes through them. But overnight or over the weekend, water trapped in these long tubes has the potential of being colonized by a thin layer of microorganisms. more

Dental X-Rays

Taking X-rays seriously We do believe the judicious use of dental x-rays is in our patients' best interests. And you deserve to know why. X-rays aren't just another part of our office routine. We rely, first and foremost, on a clinical examination-that is, we look inside your mouth. Then we ask ourselves, what information do we expect to find with X-rays that will benefit this patient? If there is no good answer, we won't recommend X-rays. more

Laser Dentistry

I'm proud to offer you laser dentistry for the treatment of many types of cavities. The laser works by emitting a specialized light that targets and destroys dental decay.
Drills are very powerful, and the vibration and the large hole produced can cause discomfort, making some type of anesthesia almost always necessary. With a laser, the light works to destroy and remove decay with no uncomfortable tooth vibration and resulting discomfort.more

Toothache Causes

An aching tooth you get from a cavity is no fun, but it's something that can be easily seen and quickly solved. Unfortunately, toothaches also stem from problems that aren't so easily recognized.
Tooth pain can be a little like that weird noise your car engine makes but always disappears the moment you drive it into the repair shop.
A tooth that aches only in the morning may be the result of overnight tooth grinding (bruxism).more

Bleeding Gums

If you have bleeding gums, you may have periodontal disease. We're learning more about this common infection all the time. Below are some of the latest findings. It should help you understand why it's so important that you take action with your periodontist to eliminate periodontal disease, the sooner the better.
Some patients think swollen gums aren't as critical as tooth decay, but that's just not so. more

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